Updated 22.05.2018

Control of personal data

Next State AB is a controller for the processing of your personal data. This means that we
have to make sure that you are aware of how and why we collect your personal data.

Why do we collect data?

Next State AB collects and uses your personal data to fulfil, improve and adapt our
commitments and services.
We use your personal data for marketing purposes to inform you about our services and
communicate to you information and news we deem may be of interest to you.

What data is collected?

Depending on the situations in which you come into contact with Next State AB, your
personal data may be in one of the following categories:

  • Name and contact information such as address, mobile phone number and e-mail
  • User information about how we use our website and our services. Such information
    may be IP addresses, type of unit and web browser and also information about how
    you interact on our website.
  • Other information we receive from you through your contact with us.

How is data collected?

Data you choose to communicate to us
The most common way for us to obtain data is for you yourself to choose to communicate it
to us on a form. We have, for example, webinars, events and other content where we ask for
your data. It may also be the case that we have entered into an agreement where you
yourself communicate your data to enable us to fulfil our commitments.
We also collect data through cookies. A cookie is a text file that is located on your hard disk
and that is normally used to improve the website for the user. Cookies mean, for instance,
that our web server recognises you and gives you better functionality and a more flexible
user experience.

We have agreements with service suppliers to help us gain a better picture of the visitors to
our website and to distribute newsletters and information from us. These service providers
are not allowed to use the information they collect for us on our behalf for anything other
than helping us to run and improve our business.

Contact based on interest
You may be present in our filing systems based on your professional role and/or the employer
you represent. The handling of your contact details is based on what is known as balancing of
interests. This means that we have judged that there is a mutual interest for us in offering
you our services and that this justifies us collecting and retaining your data. Based on this
balancing of interests, your contact details may be obtained from publicly available places
(for example your company’s website). We use your data to contact you via mailings.

How long will the data be retained?

If you have initiated contact with us yourself (for instance by downloading white papers or
registering for an event or newsletter) or have entered into an agreement with us, Next State
AB will retain your contact details until you or Next State AB wish to terminate the contact.
Note that certain data must be retained under applicable legislation, for example the Book-
keeping Act.
If we have initiated the contact, your data will be retained for as long as we believe there to
be mutual interest in this.

Amending or erasing data

You can ask us at any time to amend your data, disclose your data or delete you completely
from our filing systems. You can click on the “Unsubscribe” link in e-mails from us yourself or
contact us at: info@nextstate.se