In the B2B space many entrepreneurs, CEOs and VPs of sales and marketing fail to make marketing produce results. In this article we outline the 7 strategies that will make your marketing supercharge your sales.

Understand who your ideal client is and master segmentation

Do you know who your ideal client is? Not all clients are equal. Define your ideal client together with sales, marketing and operations. Don’t just look at the numbers – describe them on an individual client level (company names and traits) and on a personal decision-maker level. Align your team on who your ideal client is and what value you can offer them.

Let go of clients that will never be a fit and that you can’t serve on the highest level

What many companies don’t realize is that just because someone wants to do business with them, doesn’t mean they must say yes. There could be second and third order consequences to your growth, employee engagement and brand if you focus on clients that are not a good fit. Let them go.

Become your ideal client’s solution to a more important problem

People and companies buy results and solutions to rational and emotional problems, challenges and needs. The more important the problem, challenge or need your company can solve or fulfill, the more valuable your company will become to that client. However, many companies do not know what business they are really in. What is the most important underlying problem you can solve?  That’s the problem you need to market and sell to your ideal client. It will have an continual impact on your margins, average client size and growth.

Focus on existing clients and upgrade them to partner clients

You probably have a top 10, top 20 or top 30 list of existing clients. Many companies have 5-20 clients that produce 80 percent or more of their revenue. We call those clients partner clients because of the need from both sides for long-term partnership. What will supercharge your growth is when you focus on existing clients that have the potential to become one of the top 20, ie., one of your partner clients.

Become the thought leader brand in your industry and in the eyes of your ideal client

One of the most important factors for increasing sales is trust. When the stakes are high the need for certainty increases. Become the expert in your industry, the thought leader that educates your ideal clients on how they can become more successful. Thought leaders win bigger deals, get the best clients and have higher margins.

Attract new ideal clients with an account-based approach

When attracting new ideal clients the most effective strategy is almost always to flip your funnel around. Start with who you want to work with. Create a top 100 list of potential clients, research who the decision makers and influencers are and start from there, instead of just following up on an average lead for some random company.

Synchronize client account plans and resources with the sales team

Many marketing and sales teams work in silos and do not have a deep partnership. That is a problem and needs to change. Otherwise this leads to a lack of results, frustration and a misallocation of resources. One crucial part of the solution is to have smart, executable and updated client account plans for your top 20 clients – plans that are aligned with sales, marketing and operations.