We believe it is an absolute necessity to have all three when driving transformation projects and future-proofing your organization.

The challenges:

  • Lack of alignment between marketing and sales
  • There are no mutual outcomes or KPIs to measure sales and marketing
  • Sales and marketing target different clients and target markets
  • The focus is too much on SME and on implementing new systems for marketing automation and inbound to support approx. 10-20 percent of revenue
  • There is little or no joint focus on the list of top 1,000 individuals that will produce 80 percent of the revenue
  • The sales organization is outdated and it’s difficult to transform from traditional sales to becoming a thought leader with experts selling like trusted advisers
  • Marketing does not actually support sales with what they need, for example outstanding keynote presentations or great thought-leading articles

What we offer:

We take the marketing director in one hand and the sales director in the other (in a smaller company this might be the CEO/owner) and work together to:

  • Define your target market – both in terms of existing clients and potential clients – down to an individual decision-making level, and identify the top 1,000 people
  • Transform sales and marketing on a strategic level so that your company is perceived as the authority in your industry and your salespeople as experts and trusted advisers
  • Train and coach your salespeople and execute your marketing on an operational level to quickly drive change in your organization
  • Run your marketing as a full or partially managed service to ensure effective transformation

Next Offering

Targeted media and account based marketing

During the past three years ABM (Account Based Marketing) has exploded because of its commonsense financial logic and ability to create proven revenue. Many still think that ABM is just IP-targeted advertising. That is far from the truth.