It does not matter if you have 5 employees or 50,000. In the B2B space one of the key factors to successes is to win bigger deals smarter.

The challenges:

Psychological limitations in a leadership team can explain why you can’t increase the size of the deal, such as:

  • Little or no understanding that almost all hyper-successful companies are concentrated either on a product (like Apple, Ikea or McDonalds) or on average client size
  • Lack of scalable and consistent strategies to increase the deal size
  • No alignment in sales and marketing towards increasing average client or deal size
  • No previous relevant training or education
  • Salespeople lack the skills to become trusted advisers
  • The positioning of the business does not allow you to win bigger deals

What we offer:

We have an intensive 8-week coaching program for owners, CEOs, and VPs of sales and marketing where we eliminate the psychological, strategic and operational obstacles to winning bigger deals smarter. It’s not unusual for smaller companies to double or triple their sales and profits in less than 12 months.