It’s clear that selling is changing. Gartner is predicting that 18 million salespeople will be out of a job in just a few years. Partly this is due to automation, but it is also partly because it’s getting more complex. Like when your organization has a client base where just a few clients make up the majority of your revenue. This new environment requires having super salespeople. Here are eight things super salespeople do:

1. They build deep business skills

To win bigger deals you have to solve bigger problems. It’s that simple. These problems will be rooted in your client’s business problems. You need to be able to connect your solution to their top management’s most important priorities, which involve cash flow, profits, and growth at the core.

2. They are master communicators

There are 8 communication skills that super salespeople need to master:

  • Ability to connect emotionally with very different personality types
  • Outstanding written communication
  • Workshop and presentation skills, live and in front of a camera
  • Master questions that drive change
  • Telling stories in order to influence
  • Changing the emotional states of individuals and groups
  • Ability to change beliefs

3. They use the power of branding

Many in B2B do not understand that branding is becoming more important than ever. People become even more risk averse as the deal size and complexity increases.

A strong brand will deliver certain results. This is true on an individual level as well as a company level. No brand = high risk = no deal.

4. They are the trusted adviser

Handling risk is one of the most important challenges when winning bigger deals. Trust is therefore a skill that your organization and salespeople have to manage. What many don’t understand or know is that trust can both be created and restored. According to a few insightful principles.

5. They are early adopters of new technology

New technology will in many cases give you an edge that your competitors lack. Many years ago it was about writing books, then came the rise of the google search, and now for many the most important edge is how to use social media to build the authority of a brand either as a company or individual.

6. They have a courageous mindset

One of the most common mistakes in B2B sales is to build too few relationships with decision makers and influencers. Another really important skill that many lack is having the courage to charge premium pricing. Both of these issues and several others can be overcome with courage and action.

7. They practice leadership on the highest level

Bigger deals are never a one-man show. They are always a team effort requiring leadership practices such as:

  • An ability to create and sustain a state of certainty even when the stakes are high
  • An ability to drive change in your own and your client’s organization
  • An ability to build cross-functional relationships internally and externally to create consensus

8. They are both productive and effective

Productive means doing things right. Being effective means doing the right things. To achieve results you need to manage distractions and information overload. That’s why it’s necessary to master both productivity and effectiveness.