Being the thought leader in your industry will help you drive revenue and cash flow, speed up the pace of new business and improve profitability.

When your company wants to utilize the 80/20 principle when building your client base (assuming you have a few important clients) there are really only two approaches: compete on price or on value. If you compete on value you need to become the thought leader in your industry. This is applicable on a company level, business unit level and individual level in the company.

The challenges:

  • To understand what position is most attractive and attainable for the company
  • Becoming unique through differentiating your offer from competitors’ and avoiding becoming a commodity
  • Influencing the core emotions of your clients by utilizing the subconscious part of the brain that drives action
  • Changing the entire approach of communication from inside out to outside in
  • Executing a world-class content strategy throughout the organization
  • Having the guts to invest in long-term by building a premium brand in the minds and hearts of the top 1,000 decision makers in your target market
  • Mixing physical channels with digital to provide a total client experience.

What we offer:

Together with your management team we will:

  • Define your position in the market, where you can be the leader in your industry
  • Create a message and tone of voice that separates you from competitors
  • Create and execute your content strategy on the highest level
  • Train and guide/coach your teams on how to execute your thought leader positioning plan

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