Sales and marketing transformation

One of the huge differences between Next State is our combined world class expertise in sales, marketing and change management. We believe that it is an absolute necessity to have all three when driving transformation projects and future proofing your organization.

Thought leader positioning

One of the most common mistakes in the B2B-space is to fail to understand that buyers make their decisions based on emotions. Being the thought leader of your industry will help you drive revenue and cash flow, speed up new business and improve profitability.

Full service b2b marketing and branding

Creating marketing and branding that actually drives measurable revenue is a daunting task for many CMO/CRO´s. Our experienced team knows what to do and when to do it to create results.

Targeted media and account based marketing

ABM has during the past 3 year exploded because of it's common sense financial logic and ability to create proven revenue. Many still thinks that ABM consists of IP-targeted advertising. Very far from the truth.

Inbound and marketing automation

If you have a lot of smaller clients inbound and marketing automation can be a great tool to increase your marketing effectiveness.

High performance training and coaching

We have a coaching and training organization that focus on one thing: To help our clients win bigger deals smarter. It does not matter if you have 5 employees or 50 000 employees. In the B2B-space one of the key factors to successes is to win bigger deals smarter.